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Primary Care equalities objectives - learning Disabilities

In our plans for Learning Disabilities we set out to achieve the following:

For LD Care plans that 50% of people with a learning disability have a care plan

For LD Health checks that 95% of people with a learning disability have a health check.

Great news!  The year-end position overall for Lambeth for LD Care plans is that 116% of the 50% target was achieved.   In short, this target has been met and exceeded.  Approximately 200 care plans have been added since the previous month, which represents the final amount needed to attain and exceed the target.  For LD Health checks overall, the year-end position is that 71% of the 95% target was achieved.  This is a 17% increase compared to last month, with almost 200 more checks having been done.  You may recall during the early part of 2016/17 we reported that care plans (15%) and health checks (16%) were at a standstill for months during the early part of 2016/17 so the year-end outcome is a huge achievement.  

A breakdown at practice level in achieving the LD Health check target checks across Lambeth reveal:

5 practices (11%) achieved 95% or more of the Health check target

10 practices (22%) achieved 90%

9 practices (18%) achieved 80-89%

10 practices (22%) achieved 70-79%

2 practices (5%) achieved 50-59%

10 practices (22%) under 50%.

Clarity of what Read codes to use, regular communications between the CCG and practices, access to quality progress reports produced by the performance and information team, as well as practices identifying an LD lead to oversee the process at practice level, have all contributed significantly to the year-end outcome. 

We may not have achieved the 95% target for LD Health checks, but to achieve 71% over a 7 month period is a success that highlights is a streamlined process and a real sense of shared working and learning.  Together we have come a long way with LD. Please hold this date in your diary Thursday 11 May @ 1.30 – 3 pm for the Lambeth LD webinar. Details will follow soon.  We want to use this opportunity to hear about your experiences of what worked, what could be improved as well as to share the next steps for LD as we move into 2017/18.  I hope as many of you are able to join us from the comfort of your practice either online or by phone. 

Dr Martin Godfrey

Clinical Lead for Learning Disabilities

LD Taskforce Team