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​​Healthier You, NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme update​

The Healthier You, NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme referral flow chart has been updated with the following:
  • Read codes for “referral to NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme” or “referral to NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme declined” to be added to patients’ medical records after discussing Healthier You with patients.  
  • Addition of a box that says: “Diabetes Intermediate Care Team to discuss Healthier You with individual after completing STEPs and refer to Healthier You South London if individual consents to referral”. This has been added because the Diabetes Intermediate Care Team are discussing Healthier You with patients who are interested in additional prevention programme after completing the STEPs session.
  • Addition of a Healthier You referral criteria box.

The updated Healthier You referral flow chart and Healthier You sessions overview will be uploaded onto DXS.