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DXS Update - 15 November 2016

The updated referral form will be available on DXS Tuesday 22 November 2016.

Semen Analysis Request Form
The semen analysis request form has been amended to include questions and information for the patient:
  • Has this sample been produced a minimum of 12 weeks after surgery?
  • Has the sample been produced after a minimum of 20 ejaculations?
  • Date since last ejaculation
  • Additional Notes for PVSA

The revised from will be available on DXS Thursday 24 November 2016.

Version 5 Upgrade
All practices will be upgraded to the new Version by Wednesday 30 November 2016.

DXS Practice Visits
Practice visits to discuss DXS are on-going. The focus of the visits is to support practices to fully utilise DXS to its full potential.   
If you have not already done so please contact Tracy Everard at to arrange a suitable time. 

DXS Usage
Following the practice visits usage has increased month on month over the last four months with the largest increase being between August and September and we will be monitoring increased usage on an on-going basis.

DXS Practice Training
We are offering all practices training, if you would like training please contact Tracy Everard on   

Practices are being encouraged to use some of their self-choice practice learning time planned for Thursday 8 December to take advantage of the new eLearning module which gives further hints and tips on how to get the full potential from the system. If you are unable to find your login details please contact

Reporting Issues with DXS
If you are experiencing any issues with DXS please contact the DXS Support team at 0800 028 0004 (the select option 1) or .  Remember to inform Tracy Everard as well on