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​Membership webinar: Commissioning intentions

15 practices took part in our membership webinar last week to discuss commissioning intentions.

Andrew Parker, Primary Care Director outlined the primary care commissioning intentions and priorities which fit with the national GP Forward View.

He told the members tuning in that the CCG "absolutely believes that general practice is the foundation of the health and care system in Lambeth and an effective general practice will be the thing that best helps us meet the needs of local people".

Dr Martin Godfrey talked about the commissioning intentions of the other programmes, as well as referrals.

He told listeners the CCG expects to hit financial targets for this year but believes the coming years are going to be tough and the way to deal with that is working collectively.

His presentation on referrals prompted good discussion about ways to manage the increase in referrals. You can listen in to the webinar by downloading the audio file below.

Key messages from the rest of the session included:

  • The CCG wants to help support and create a sustainable GP system that can deliver high quality care
  • Resources aren't going to grow at the same pace as rising demand so we need to respond differently, working in a partnership way with partners and local.


Priorities for General Practice in the coming year include:

  • Increasing the use of technology such as online booking and online consultations
  • Extended access and same day appointments
  • Coordination – supporting local providers to work closely together with local people through the Local Care Networks
  • Making best use of community assets
  • Signposting to advice
  • Supporting carers
  • Helping practices become more resilient.


The CCG talked about its plans to procure an amended and integrated urgent care service and, following a review of the Walk in Centre in Gracefield Gardens, is considering closing it. A decision will be made at the Governing Body meeting in January.

Members also heard the CCG is putting proposals to NHS England to secure money for work connected to the GP Forward View. It will work with GP Federations and the LMC on the detail of any planned initiatives. The CCG is required to make available £3 for every person from existing resources to transform primary care, equating to £1.50 per head per year.

Negotiations around the PMS premium are due to start again soon.

Other commissioning intentions which were discussed on the webinar include:

  • CYP and Maternity:  Further work in LEAP and CHYP and transforming CAMHS
  • Adult mental health – growth of the Living Well Network offer and extension of the alliance arrangements
  • Older people - building on projects introduced by SLIC
  • Adults - elective care and cancer development and work with patients with long term conditions.


This work is underpinned by the Local Care Networks.

See the slides supporting the webinar here - GBEngagementWebinarSlides

You can listen to an audio download of the webinar here.​