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Welcome to this weeks edition of the Planned Care Updates:

The  focus of this week's bulletin is the new Optometrist Triage Service, e-RS Reminder of the 1st April switch - off, Update from Moorefields Eye Hospital on their Switch off Plan. Also included is  e-RS updates on the system and training and Consultant Connect specialties update. Reminder to complete the brief TAP Survey and thank you to those who have. Also in other news an update of 'What's on in April 18' a calendar of cancer awareness events and activities.

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Service in the Spotlight: Optometrist Triage Service


Reminder the service is now live on e-RS.

What is the Optometrist Triage Service and how does it work?

If you're unsure whether your patient is suitable for MECS or think they need to be seen by an eye care specialist in secondary care then you should refer them to the Optometrist Triage Service.


The referral will be clinically triaged by a highly trained optometrist who will decide which is the most appropriate service for the patient to be referred on to. Depending on the patient's condition, the patient will either be referred on to MECS or to the most appropriate consultant led clinic in secondary care.

 Once triaged, the service will contact the patient to arrange the next steps in their care. This will either be via a letter in the post or a telephone call. Patients referred on to secondary care will be offered a choice of hospitals. 

Who should be referred to the Optometrist Triage Service?

If you are unsure about whether a patient is suitable for MECS or if you feel they need to be seen in secondary care ophthalmology services, you should refer the patient to the Optometrist Triage Service.


If you are confident that your patient has a condition treatable under MECS, you can still refer them directly. To do this, you should give the patient a copy of the MECS leaflet and suggest they contact one of the participating optometrists. The leaflet is available opposite to print and all practices will receive new patient leaflets in the coming weeks.


NHS Lambeth MECS Eyes Leaflet FEB18.pdf

Exclusion criteria:

  • Patients who require a 2 Week Wait referral should be referred directly to the hospital of their choice. The referral should not be made to the Optometrist Triage Service.
  • Patients with significant pain, a sudden loss of vision in one or both eyes or a penetrating injury should go directly to the eye casualty at St Thomas' Hospital or their nearest A&E.

    How to refer:

    All referrals to the Optometrist Triage Service should be made via e-RS. Below are details of the specialty and clinic type you need to select to find the service on e-RS. A step-by-step guide on how to refer to the service is How_to_refer_to_Optometrist_Triage_Service_LCCG_v1.pdf


    To find the service select:
  • Priority: Select the appropriate priority i.e. routine or urgent
  • Specialty: Ophthalmology
  • Clinic Type: Select the appropriate clinic type
  • Click Search Primary Care
  • Service Name: Ophthalmology – Optometrist Triage Southwark

What to tell patients:

Optometrist Triage Service - Patient Information Leaflet (4).pdfWhen referring your patient to the Optometrist Triage Service it is important to explain to them that their referral is going to be reviewed by an optometrist who will determine which type of service is most appropriate for them. The service will contact them either by letter or by phone. A patient leaflet explaining the service is opposite When referring a patient to the service, please print the leaflet and give it to the patient. The leaflet will shortly be available on DXS. 

Further information

If you have any questions you can contact the Optometrist Triage Service directly, either via email ( or telephone (020 3859 2385). Alternatively you can get in touch with the


Reminder - Treatment Access Policy (TAP) Survey for GP's

Please follow the attached link and complete the very short survey on the TAP Policy. This will help the CCG establish if people are aware of the TAP policy and what support is needed to promote it. 

e-RS Reminder GSTT and Kings

GSTT services on e-RS

Reminder from 1 April 2018, the following specialties at GSTT will become e-RS only:

  • Children's & Adolescent Services (excludes 2WW)
  • Dietetics
  • GI & Liver (Medicine & Surgery) – Gastroenterology
  • GI & Liver (Medicine & Surgery) – Colorectal
  • Orthopaedics
  • Pain Management
  • Surgery – Not Otherwise Specified (General surgery)
  • Urology

  • Any GP referrals sent via email to these specialties will be returned and the practice will be requested to make a re-referral via e-RS.

KCH, Denmark Hill services on e-RS

Reminder from 1 April 2018, the following specialties at KCH will become e-RS only (for routine referrals):

  • Allergy / Immunology
  • Colorectal surgery
  • Gastroenterology
  • General surgery
  • Maxillo-facial surgery

Please note, this is only for routine referrals to these specialties and does not include 2WW and urgent referrals. If you do want to make an urgent referral to KCH to the specialties above, please make the referral via e-RS. You should select 'urgent' as the priority (if no services appear under the urgent priority, please select the routine priority) and in the body of the referral state that it is an urgent referral and why it is urgent. 

 Moorfields Eye Hospital update - e-RS and Paper Switch Off (PSO)

In preparation for paper switch off of referrals Moorfields Eye Hospital are requesting all referrals are done via e-RS. The Trust will be working with the CCG and NHS Digital over the coming months.

All services offered by Moorfields are available to book via e-RS, including urgent oncology referrals.  Where a practice or a patient encounters an Appointment Slot Issue (ASI), the trust recommends that the e-referral is deferred to the trust (deferred to Provider).

A reminder the Optometrist Triage Service is now Live on e-RS for all Ophthalmology referrals.

If you require more information regarding Moorfields PSO or have a query please contact the  Moorfields Primary Care Relationship Team on

If anybody in your practice (either GP or administrative staff) would like training on how to use e-RS or has specific training queries, please get in touch with the GP IT Facilitators. The facilitators can come to your practice to deliver training tailored to your needs. As well as Thomassina Learmond as the Lambeth GP IT Facilitator, Lambeth and Southwark also have access to two more GP IT Facilitators, Kiran Bala and Honey Oyedele. Both Kiran and Honey are able to deliver e-RS training.

 All requests for  GPPractice training should be sent via email to:

e-RS Guides:




Key Contacts:

  • Training and Certain ERS issues: GP IT South London Facilitators, (All South Lonodn Facilitators have access to this email address, and your nominated Facilitator will respond as necessary. If your facilitator is not available, someone else in the team will pick up any training queries.)
  • Smartcards: Registrations Authority (Tel. 0300 303 2733)
  • GSTT e-RS issues: Arti Trivedi (please do not send patient identifiable information or referrals to Arti)
  • KCH e-RS issues: Crissy Snow (please do not send patient identifiable information or referrals to Crissy)
  • General queries:   Lambeth CCG –

 Also contact the Lambeth GP IT Facilitation Knowledge-base for more information and updates from the IT Facilitator

Top tips when making a referral:

  1. Make sure the referral letter is attached: GSTT and KCH do not have access to the referral unless the referral letter is attached. Information on how to attach a referral letter is available in the guide attached to this e-mail.
  2. Select the right service: information about the referral for criteria for each clinic is available on the Directory of Service – please make sure you read it before referring. The clinic type 'not otherwise specified' should only be used when there is not a more appropriate clinic type available. If you're unsure which clinic to book a patient into on e-RS, please make use of the Advice and Guidance (A&G) function on e-RS; the Trusts will be able to advise where best to book the patient into. Information on how to use A&G is in the guide attached to this e-mail.
  3. Book the appointment with the patient: please do not book an appointment for a patient without their agreement. If you book the appointment for the patient, please print the booking summary and give it to them so they are aware of their appointment.

If your patient doesn't have an NHS number: if your patient doesn't have an NHS Number, you can email the referral to the hospital (send the referral to the same email address as you would have done before the specialty became e-RS only). In the body of the email you must clearly state that you're referring via email because your patient doesn't have an NHS number. You will still receive the automatic out of office notifying you that the specialty has become e-RS only and that you need to re-refer via email, however, you can ignore this email.

Enhancements to the Appointment Slot Issue process

Service providers will now able to access the clinical referral information from the appointment slot issue (ASI) worklist on e-RS before an appointment is booked, ensuring the patient is booked into the clinically appropriate service. Therefore, service providers will not need to contact referrers to request a copy of the referral letter, unless important information (e.g., GOS 18, bloods) is missing.


Service providers will also be required to add a patient facing telephone number that can be used if the patient has not been contacted within a designated time.


To find out more about these changes, please refer to the NHS Digital website.

Appointment Slot Issues (ASI) process video  (just over 6 mins) -

The video link can be found here -

When referring a patient, please ensure that you select the most appropriate service for that condition – the clinic type ‘not otherwise specified’ should only be used when there is not a more appropriate clinic type available.


Choosing the right, specific clinic will mean it is more likely you’ll be able to book into an appointment, rather than having to ‘defer to provider’, as the trusts generally have more capacity in sub-specialty services.


Information about the referral criteria for each clinic is available on the Directory of Service – please make sure you read it before referring. If you are unsure which clinic to book a patient into on e-RS, please make use of the Advice & Guidance (A&G) function on e-RS. The Trusts will be able to advise where best to book the patient into.

Other News:

Consultant Connect


New specialties on Consultant Connect

There are two new specialties coming to Consultant Connect –urology and gastroenterology. Urology is live now and Gastroentrology will be available from Monday 9 April.

Specialties available on Consultant Connect

A full list of all the specialties available on the service from 9 April is provided below:

  • Cardiology
  • Dermatology
  • Diabetes
  • Endocrinology
  • Gastroenterology
  • Gynaecology
  • Haematology
  • Neurology
  • Rheumatology
  • Urology

Consultant Connect App

The easiest way to use Consultant Connect is through the app. If you're having trouble registering or downloading the app, please contact Consultant Connect on 01865 261467 or email

Cancer Awareness Events (Guy's Cancer Centre) - What's On April 18

 Attached is a calendar of Cancer Awareness events and activities from the Guy's Cancer Centre taking place during April. The aim of the events is to support patients please promote to patients and display in the GP Practice for patients.

What's On April 2018 Cancer Awaremess evemts.pdf


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