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The practice portal will be taken down over the next few months following the launch of the combined practice and staff intranet. 

For up to date information please register for the intranet. Details are available to practice staff via the GP bulletin.

Influencing clinically-led commissioning and healthcare in Lambeth

What does the network do?

The Clinical Network brings together our wider clinical and non-clinical community (such as GPs, practice managers, nurses, pharmacists, opticians and social care colleagues) to support the decisions of Lambeth Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). 

Members of the network lead a portfolio of responsibilities including:

  • Understanding and delivering the health needs of the population at a practice and local level
  • Identifying local commissioning priorities and provide expert guidance into CCG planning and commissioning strategy
  • Understanding, monitoring and planning primary care development to share good practice and innovation, support peer learning, improve quality in health service and reduce service variation in Lambeth
  • Monitoring service delivery standards
  • Participation in contract negotiation and procurement

Who can join?

We are keen to involve a range of people to join us either as:

  • A member contracted and paid to do specific work on our behalf, or
  • A less active, unpaid member with specific areas of expertise or having the potential to make a significant contribution (eg. previous experience on designing local pathways, or  work on national/local health programmes).

Our members

Members work closely with Programme managers at the CCG to create, deliver and monitor its commissioned activities. This will mean working  with colleagues in key provider units such as GSTT and Kings, the Lambeth Council as well as local GP Federations, Local Care Networks and many others. Importantly they will be meeting, listening to and supporting local GPs and local practices on an ongoing basis

Members meet four times a year and are able to connect virtually through the Lambeth Clinical Commissioning area of NHS Networks.

Key to the networks continuing success is the commitment, strength and ability of each member to contribute knowledge. We have the opportunity to make a difference now and provide a route to find leaders in the future.

Interested?  Email Martin Godfrey, Clinical Network Lead on  There's more information in the Lambeth clinical commissioning network pack (see below). Details of current roles are advertised on the recruitment page and change according to local need. 


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