Our staying healthy programme 

Over the next year will be working with Lambeth Council focussing on the following areas.

Promote healthy lifestyles in Lambeth

We have a programme to promote exercise and healthy living in Lambeth through health services. We are currently working with the Council on plans for the West Norwood health and leisure centre.

Help people quit smoking

We will be supporting people to quit smoking through targeted cessation services. We will be training hospital staff to record smoking status and to offer support.

We will also be supporting people who are having an operation to quit smoking beforehand, to increase the likelihood that the operation will be successful and improve their health afterwards.

Tackle and reduce obesity

We are reducing obesity through a weight management programme. We are developing new services and improving access to services like NHS Health Checks. This will include support for people with long term health conditions who are obese.

Better support and advice for alcohol misuse

We will be improving alcohol advice and support services by implementing an alcohol misuse identification programme and providing advice and training for NHS staff.

Diagnose HIV quicker and improve services for people with HIV

We will be increasing and mainstreaming HIV testing across all settings to reduce late diagnosis. We will also be following UK national guidelines for HIV testing, including testing for HIV when testing for Glandular Fever.

Improve sexual health services in Lambeth

Our joint project with Lambeth Council, Sexual health 24 (SH24), will mean sexual health advice is available 24 hours a day over the phone and on the internet.

We will be promoting Chlamydia screening across all sexual health services. We will also be supporting GP practices and pharmacies to provide long acting reversible contraception (LARC) and other sexual health services.