Our programme to improve care for children and families

Diagnose health problems in children earlier

Our programme for Lambeth healthcare for children and families delivers an effective early intervention and prevention model of care. This means we are focussing on supporting families to live healthily and identifying potential illness or emotional problems as early as possible to prevent them getting too serious.  

We also want to make sure in the unfortunate event that children do get ill and need care; that they receive the best possible services at the right time and place. If a child becomes ill they may need to be admitted to hospital, which is likely to be either the Evelina Children's Hospital at St Thomas' or King's College Hospital. However we also know how important it is for children to return home to their family as soon as possible and we have nurses in the community to support discharge and make sure the best care is available.

Children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities

Lambeth SEND Local Offer  

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We are here for children and young people 0-25 years old with special educational needs and disabilities.

Our Local Offer provides all of the information, advice and support that children and young people aged 0-25 with Special Education Needs or Disabilities (SEND) and their families might need to use.

Find out more about SEND here.

SEND strategy

This strategy sets out our shared vision, principles and priorities to ensure partners are working together effectively to identify and meet the needs of children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) from birth to the age of 25.

Improve services for expecting parents and new parents in Lambeth

We are improving the sharing of information between maternity services (like midwifery centres and hospital maternity wards) and primary care services (like GPs, pharmacies and health visitors) to ensure problems or risks of health complications are identified early on in pregnancy or in a child's life.

Plans are underway to improve maternity services across London, to make them even better. These improvements include better training for staff, one to one care during labour and improved postnatal care. We know that new mums can feel overwhelmed at times and the health visiting service and GP are there to help talk through any worries and if necessary refer to a more specialist service for additional support if required.

Service transformation

During 2017, Children’s Commissioners worked in partnership with the Council, voluntary sector, children and their families to come up with a fully integrated, partnership plan for the future of children and young people’s services. This is our Children and Young People’s Plan, which you can read here. 

Please do get in touch with us if you would like to get involved.

Improve mental health services for Lambeth children

We are improving the range of emotional wellbeing and mental health services available to children, young people and their families which means no family or child is overlooked. Our aim is to support children and young people to achieve their full potential by getting the right support as early as possible.

We also want to make sure young people aged 17-18 are better supported when they move from using child and adolescent mental services (CAMHS) at the age of 18 and start using adult mental health services. This can be a difficult transition so we want to make sure services and staff are working together.

Lambeth co-produced the Young Lambeth Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health Strategy Plan 2015-20. This strategy sets out five key priority areas for the future.

The strategy and supporting transformation plan set out Lambeth's ambitions and intentions over the next five years for children and young people. This includes increasing capacity and reducing wait times within CAMHS and a number of innovative projects and services to improve outcomes for children and young people in Lambeth.

There are helpful resources available for parents and guardians who are worried about their child's mental health available on our mental health services page.

You can also find out more about our plans for mental health services in our Lambeth CAMHS Transformation Plan Refresh October 2017.pdf.

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