​​​​​​​​​South East London Area Prescribing Committee


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The South East London Area Prescribing Committee (APC) was established in 2013 and is a partnership committee which discusses and makes recommendations on medicines issues.

Partner NHS organisations in South East London who are part of the APC are:

Bexley, Bromley, Greenwich, Lambeth, Lewisham and Southwark Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs),  Guys and St Thomas Foundation Trust, Kings College Hospital Foundation Trust,  South London and Maudsley Foundation Trust, Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust and Lewisham & Greenwich NHS Trust.

The committee also has representation from local Healthwatch organisations, NHS England London Area Team, and support from Medicines Information Services and the North East London Commissioning Support Unit.

Its aims are;

  • To provide a collective clinical leadership committee to ensure co-operation and consistency of approach to medicines optimisation across South East London
  • To enable all clinicians and commissioners to work together to ensure that patients have safe and consistent access to  medicines with the best outcomes
  • To advise on implementation of best practice around medicines, including National Institute for Health and Care Excellence ( NICE) guidelines and technology appraisals to encourage rapid and consistent implementation
  • To enable local NHS stakeholders and clinicians to exert a population approach to the prioritisation, improvement and quality of healthcare related to medicines.

The Medicines and Pathways Review Group is a working group of the APC which meets monthly to assess new medicines for prescribing within South East London, where these are intended to be prescribed in primary care or commissioned by Clinical Commissioning Groups.  Where primary care or commissioned medicines are subject to a new NICE technology appraisal, the APC will advise on best adoption and implementation in line with NICE. South East London wide treatment pathways and prescribing guidelines are also developed through the Committee and its sub-groups. 

The Local Trusts retain a Joint Formulary Committee which considers new drugs and changes of use of existing drugs which are used only within hospitals and are not subject to any specific commissioning arrangements.

If you are a South East London clinician and you wish to make an application for a new medicine to be considered by the APC please contact your local trust formulary pharmacist or, for primary care applications, your CCG medicines team.

Correspondence to the APC should be directed to:

T: 020 3049 4197

E: lamccg.medicinesoptimisation@nhs.net

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