​​​​​​​​​Lambeth Borough Prescribing Committee

This committee has representation from GPs, Nurses and Pharmacists working in Lambeth who have a good understanding of local health issues. 

The decisions, clinical guidelines and protocols which are approved by this committee are specific for people in the borough of Lambeth. 

Some decisions are also made after joint discussions with Southwark Clinical Commissioning Group and our local hospitals  - this is through the Lambeth and Southwark Joint Prescribing Committee.  

​Comprehensive medicines and prescribing information and guidance to support the Medicines Optimisation Plan is also available (with an NHS N3 connection only) 

​For any enquiries relating to medicines guidelines in Lambeth CCG please contact Lamccg.medicinesoptimisation@nhs.net or by phone on 0203 049 4197.