People’s Awards


Winner: The Streatham Patient Network – David Del'Nero and Jenni Rodgers [pictured 2nd and 3rd from left]

David and Jenni are co-chairs of the Streatham Patient Network.

They regularly hold Health Education Mornings where they invite health professionals to talk with local people about health related issues. These have included conversations about Alzheimer's, compassion in dying, physical activity and walking. They usually have a packed room, with over 50 local people able to ask questions relating to their health. 

David and Jenni's positive actions demonstrate their commitment to empower patients to manage their own health, and to become involved in shared decision making to better shape health services.

Their enthusiasm and commitment knows no bounds and we are grateful for the huge amount of time they give to this work. 


Winner: Carers4Carers – Paula Bryan and Bobbie Allan

Carers4Carers supports Carers in Lambeth to develop and maintain good physical and mental health. Carers4Carers sponsors swimming tuition, Yoga, Dancing and other activities that many Carers could not afford to pay for. Talks are given on improving dietary practises and fluid intake. Carers are helped to combine their caring role with enjoying and maintaining their aspirations and ambitions for their own lives.

Both leaders build the capacity of carers in helping them to become confident, professional and able to deliver high standard of care. The leaders encourage carers to utilise the skills they already have. The group encourages peer support and mentoring as well as health and wellbeing advice.

Many of the nominations commented on how the group communicated sensitively in a way that makes carers feel safe, valued and encouraged to share their needs, ideas and views.

Here are a few of our favourite quotes from the nominations:

"Without Carers4Carers my life would be so much more lonely and unsupported."

"I would be lost without them"

"Bobbie and Paula have helped me immensely. They have bought much joy and happiness into my life."