​Equality and diversity

Our commitment to equality and diversity in Lambeth

We are committed to equality and diversity in Lambeth. Although there has been substantial progress in both health and access to health services, the extent of economic, social, ethnic and cultural diversity is still a challenge for the NHS.  We want to promote equality and eliminate discrimination in health and health services so that people have fair access to services on the basis of health needs.

The CCG role in reducing inequalities

Our role is to work with partners as far as possible on how to influence the socioeconomic inequality but our main commissioning focus is in relation to early detection and treatment of disease such as HIV, cardiovascular disease, cancer, mental ill health and diabetes and achieving good treatment and control of these and other long term conditions.

Working with other commissioners is also essential to ensure people have access to good information about how to look after their own health and appropriate support especially for the main risks to health; smoking, overweight and obesity, healthy eating, exercise, and mental wellbeing as well as help for substance and alcohol misuse and sexual health services.  There are also many other areas that are important for our population especially screening (e.g. breast, cervical and bowel cancer) and immunisation programmes and awareness campaigns which are commissioned and coordinated nationally.

Equalities in Lambeth video



Lambeth CCG equality goals and objectives

You can read about our goals and objectives in detail in our Equality and diversity strategy on our Publications page. There are also reports on our progress.


Equalities in Lambeth event

Read the event article and view the presentation delivered by Dr Paul Heenan, CCG Equalities lead at the 'Equalities in Lambeth' event on Wednesday 12 November 2014 at Bolney Meadow Community Centre.


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