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​Putting Patients First award winner

Mike Lee, Lambeth Rapid Response Team, Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust
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Mike's award was collected by Jar O'Brien and his team

John, an 81 year old patient who is also a governor at the Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, gave an emotional speech at a hospital team meeting when he described the treatment and care he received during and after a five-week stay in hospital. He gave particular praise to the Lambeth Supported Discharge Team who provide specialist rehabilitation and support. 

Mike Lee, specialist physiotherapist, and his team gave dedicated therapeutic support which led John from being virtually bed bound to going out again using public transport. Within two days of getting home from hospital Mike set about getting John back on his feet with a programme of exercises. Mike kept in touch with John by phone and visited every two weeks, while the team continued with his rehabilitation regime. Mike also built confidence in John’s wife that she could safely look after her husband. Gradually he made significant improvements in his mobility, functional independence and overall quality of life. 

When John was ready to try going out again, Mike immediately offered to accompany him on a journey from home and back again on public transport. Mike greatly exceeded what John expected of him. At the hospital meeting the John said: “What tremendous support I had from your Lambeth post- discharge team. The organisation was so willing to look after my needs that it brought a warm glow and, in particular, the physios under Mike were just excellent. With their varied backgrounds, they were a pleasure to have in the house even if they did leave me shaking with the effort!’

 A Trust director also said: 

“They are a truly amazing service and quietly get on with it, and I know they are having such an impact. The team deserves recognition for the positive impact they are having on people’s lives."