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Going the Extra Mile award winner

Jenni Rodgers - Chair, Streatham Practice Patient Participation Group

David Del'Nero -​ Chair, Dr Masterton and Partners Patient Participation Group

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Jenni Rodgers and David Del’Nero c​​onceived and championed the idea to get Lambeth CCG to install wide screen TV monitors in the borough's GP surgeries. Their vision was to put them into all surgeries to show short films and topical information to waiting patients. The CCG supported the initiative with funding of approximately £25k and the new monitors have now been installed.

Their project will raise patient awareness of numerous important healthcare issues including diet, obesity, diabetes, seasonal health issues, missed appointments costs, Patient Participation Groups, local and national health issues and healthcare access. 

Traditionally patient information has been provided on posters in the waiting rooms. These are often poorly presented, with either too many or not enough and they easily become out of date. In many cases patients can be confronted with information overload.

By using a dynamic media, attention is easily captured and maintained and the very best media examples can be aired over a network of surgeries. This will make a difference to communities by empowering patients with the knowledge to improve their own health and by making them aware of the costs associated with health care. The short films will include alternative ways of seeking help and illustrate the range of social services available outside the surgery. The project has the potential to be taken up by other boroughs because of the relatively low implementation cost.