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Going the Extra Mile award winner

Claire Campbell, Patient Services Officer, Minet Green Practice

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Claire has worked at the Minet Green Health Practice for over 25 years. Following an extremely brief retirement earlier this year, she returned to her post with reduced hours.

Claire is very special not just for her long service, diligence and reliability, but also because she is highly effective. Her legacy is a calm, confident and effective atmosphere at the Minet Green reception. She is polite, quiet, gentle in manner, and always respectful to staff and patients alike no matter how busy the surgery. She knows many of the patients really well, and yet, without any favouritism, manages to help all patients to get what they need in a timely, appropriate manner. She is conscientious and totally reliable for getting a task done. 

Claire excels in dealing with difficult patients: she manages to calm them down by being very gentle, but is not without assertion when needed, and she is able to effectively protect her colleagues when necessary. She embodies the values of the Lambeth CCG vision, and her deep contribution and loyalty, over many years, to patients, their relatives, her colleagues and her employers is wholly evident. 

 In the past Claire masterminded Christmas parties for older patients. She led the organisation of food, invites, entertainment and the comfort of the senior patients in her quiet and modest manner. However, she surprised everyone at a summer party when her competitive spirit emerged during a game of rounders. She revealed herself to be an impressively talented athlete. 

On a sadder occasion, Claire kept the whole team and the practice going after the sudden death of Dr Nigel Konzon in 2013. She had known him the longest and like all of us she was devastated. At this difficult time we arranged a memorial tea for patients. Claire organised a staff choir (no mean feat) which left not a dry eye in the house. She comforted those patients who were overcome with emotion and very diplomatically dealt with those who were a little over enthusiastic in their speech making. She was just very lovely with them, in a way that was made possible by the trust the patients have in her, and her considerable interpersonal skills. 

​In short, Claire is a very special person who can survive in the busiest and most difficult of job of running a general practice reception, while retaining her humour, politeness and diplomacy. She is focused, hardworking and keeps a quiet calm eye on all that is happening.