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Putting Patients First award nominee

Amy Hall, nurse practitioner - Three Boroughs Homeless Team​​

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Amy Hall is the regular nurse practitioner from the Three Boroughs Homeless Team. She holds a surgery at Ace of Clubs daycentre for homeless and vulnerable people every Thursday afternoon. People who are not registered or engaging with a GP are encouraged to see Amy. Her smile, her friendly and warm manner help to smooth the appointment and ensure that the patient and Amy both get the most out of their time together. 

There are no set appointment times or length. Clients with more complex needs may be with Amy for up to an hour, receiving a full health check, with blood tests, vaccines and prescriptions given as needed. She may also encourage registering with a GP, following up on results or missed hospital dates. 

At the end of a session Amy has a handover session with centre staff and follow ups are arranged. From Amy's briefing Centre staff know who to look out for.

In the last 12 months Amy has been key to: initiating a safeguarding referral for a client who was being financially exploited to provide “street” medication for his condition; ensuring a client who hadn’t collected blood results for four years was able to start immediate treatment for HIV; registering many patients with a GP for the first time; and liaising with social services, GP surgeries, mental health services, missing persons units and coroners offices, to ensure that the best options are made available to each individual client.

One of Amy’s clients said:​

“Although Amy is extremely professional she deals with your emotions like a close friend which has been a godsend to me. She has a warm and kind personality that is very comforting. She has made me feel reassured and safe in the most sensitive situations. Also, she amazes me with her thorough knowledge of me not just as a patient but on a personal level.  She takes interest in your life and keeps a check on areas of your health which may be affected by your circumstances at the time, not just the specific problem you have presented with.  I can honestly say that I have never felt so personally concerned about and cared for by a healthcare professional as I do with Amy.  She is “carer” personified.”