Medicines optimisation​

Medicines optimisation in Lambeth CCG is a key element of all our commissioning and improvement plans.  We are working hard so that patients and the public understand how to get the best outcomes from medicines. We help patients to access sufficient information about their medication so they can better understand how to prevent  any adverse effects or even hospital admission.

We recognise that professionals and patients need to work more closely to improve the quality of medicines use.  Medicines optimisation in Lambeth is supported by clinical lead GPs, nurses and community pharmacists. The Medicines Optimisation Team work across commissioning pathways, integrating with practices through face to face visits, working closely with local hospitals, community pharmacists and colleagues in NHS London and neighbouring CCGs.
You can find a range of prescribing committee information, clinical guidelines and practice resources as well as general patient information under ‘News and publications' on the Lambeth website.

Comprehensive medicines and prescribing information and  guidance is also available from  the Lambeth Borough Prescribing Committee and South East London Area Prescribing Committee webpages

If you have any suggestions or enquires please contact the Medicines Optimisation Team on

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