Primary care development


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General practice is at the heart of NHS care through the services they deliver from their surgeries to local people and as members of the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) by their involvement in key commissioning decisions.
Primary care is not just about general practice. Pharmacy, dental, optometry services as well as wider community and nursing services are equally important.

The overall aim of the primary care programme is to build on our services in the borough and to develop the capacity and capability through innovative ways of working and resourcing.  We continue our aim - to improve services for patients and provide development and training opportunities to support our workforce.
The CCG Governing Body approved the proposals for transformation of primary care across Lambeth at the CCG Governing Body Public Board Meeting in March 2014. This achievable approach for transformation of primary care in Lambeth is already underway.
The five key workstreams of the programme during 2014/15 are:
  •  GST Charity Fund – Transforming General Practice Provision
  •  Primary Care Locality Networks
  •  GP Delivery Framework 2014/15 
  •  Refresh the Primary Care Education and Training Strategy
  • Workforce Development in Primary Care

Primary Care Locality Networks

The aim of developing Primary Care Locality Networks across Lambeth is to enable our localities to work together effectively both as commissioners and as providers of care so that patients consistently receive high quality care and support in Lambeth.
The Primary Care Locality Networks are based on the three localities within Lambeth and each will have its own funded management and clinical lead support as well as the data, performance and information infrastructure to enable effective functioning.

Patient Hub

Members of the Patient Participation Group (PPG) Network and Healthwatch have been involved in the development of the networks proposal. The aim is to develop a hub where patient groups are represented across Lambeth, linked to the 3 localities.
The establishment of networks will not only facilitate more effective joined up working but also help deliver existing strategic priorities and reduce health inequalities across the borough by organising existing services more effectively and increasing the availability of clinical expertise closer to home. 

Primary Care Education Strategy

The Primary Care Education Strategy was developed in June 2013 through the Primary Care Education Working Group, chaired by Dr Raj Mitra in consultation with the clinical network. It sets out the case to develop and implement a co-ordinated approach to education and will be updated for 2014/15.
The overarching aim is to develop a fit for purpose primary care workforce that is supported to deliver high quality care in a changing and challenging environment.
The Primary Care Education Strategy aims primarily to:
  • Support general practice to deliver high quality care through the development of both clinical and managerial skills/processes
  • Develop practices as commissioners and providers
  • Reduce avoidable referrals to secondary care 
  • Optimise business processes and share good practice
  • Review the current education provision and effectiveness of this approach
  • Co-ordinate and ensure effective use of all available resources
  • Reduce variation in quality across primary care
NHS Lambeth CCG have produced a Primary Care Education and Training Booklet for Primary Care providers.  

Primary Care Workforce Strategy

This strategy aims primarily to support development of the primary care workforce. During 2013/14 NHS Lambeth CCG developed the Nurse Leadership team to support nurses in general practice deliver high quality care. The Nurse Leadership team has also reviewed the role of the Health Care Assistant and published guidance for practices to support recruitment and retention.
During 2014/15 we will continue to develop bespoke programmes to help both the clinical and managerial workforce across primary care.
The CCG will continue to focus on developing the primary care workforce to:
  • Develop the Nurse Leadership Programme
  • Deliver the Generic Nurse role
  • Develop roles for GPs with a special interest
  • Develop succession planning policy across primary care
  • Develop Leadership skills across our practices
  • Develop Leadership skills across our Patient Participation Group Network

Any questions? E-mail Lesley Connaughton, Primary Care Development Manager